2011 Annual Report

Read more about the Fedde Farm preserved next to Schramm State Park in our 2011 Annual Report below.

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2010 Annual Report

Read more about the 1,124-­‐acre Ranch preserved on Niobrara National Scenic River in our 2010 Annual Report below.

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2009 Annual Report

Read more about the NLT seeks consensus on land preservation in lower Platte Valley in our 2009 Annual Report below.

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Conservation Easements: A private path to permanent preservation of land that benefits us all.

We’ve all been there – talking to someone who expresses the opinion that Nebraska is topographically challenged and devoid of anything but agriculture.  When I hear such remarks,  I have a bad habit of asking, “did you see our state from 30,000 feet or through a windshield on I-80?”  This reflexive response stems from experience — I’ve seen a lot of Nebraska and know that it is a place of diverse beauty with stunning landscapes, pristine rivers, world-class wildlife, and  important historyBut to be fair, the skeptics are right about one thing;  97% of the land is privately owned and most of that is in agriculture. Read the full story

Cheyenne Buttes forever protected

Bighorn sheep habitat, scenic vistas and grazing cattle — together forever.  That’s the result of the Nebraska Land Trust’s use of a land preservation tool near Fort Robinson State Park in northwest Nebraska. The organization’s new voluntary conservation easements on a ranch in Dawes County and on Sioux County land owned by the Montana-based Chief Dull Knife College will protect nearly 1,700 acres in the rugged Pine Ridge from potential recreational or housing development. Read the full story

Protecting Pine Ridge – Worthy conservation

Forever protected: That’s the new status of nearly three square miles of the Pine Ridge near Fort Robinson State Park, thanks to landowners and the Nebraska Land Trust.   Ranches in the beautiful area are under pressure to subdivide land for residential development. The trust purchased voluntary conservation easements on ranchland owned by Gary and Nancy Fisher in Dawes County, and Sioux County land owned by Chief Dull Knife College, to protect it from future residential or recreational development. Read the full story

Home on the Range – Permanently

Cowboys are known for being good story tellers. When you visit with Roy and Steve Breuklander, father and son ranchers in Cherry County, you are treated to several stories. Roy will share a story about how his grandparents homesteaded in Cherry County back in the 1880’s or about how he got his ranching operation started down along the Niobrara River. Steve will share stories about expanding the family’s ranching operation, or how his family started one of the first canoe outfitters in the Niobrara Valley. Read the full story