Land Management

The Nebraska Land Trust works to refer landowners to appropriate local and federal resources and experts on issues that are of interest to our landowners. Here we have compiled a list of websites dealing with issues such as forestry, weeds, water, and wildlife and range management. Resources for finding grants and cost-share programs are also included and landowners are encouraged to contact these agencies for more information.

If you have a resource that you recommend, please submit your suggestions to: Nebraska Land Trust, 9200 Andermatt Drive, Suite 7, Lincoln, NE 68526 or email Jacob Alishouse at

Prescribed Fire
Grassland Management with Prescribed Fire – UNL
Nebraska Burn Associations
– Prescribed Burning Handbook
– Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma Forestry Services
Kansas Forest Service

Forest Health
Broadleaf Tree Diseases
Mountain Pine Beetle Fact Sheet
Nebraska Forest Service – Homeowner and Landowner Services
Pine Tip Blight Video
Pine Wilt Disease Video
Two Serious Pests Attacking Nebraska’s Pine Tree

Invasive Species Control
2013 Nebraska Invasive Plants Field Guide
Managing Invasive Plants
Nebraska Invasive Species Project
Nebraska Weed Control Association
Russian Olive Control Methods

Nebraska Department of Natural Resources – Surface and Ground Water Rules, Statutes, and Water Rights
Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network (NeRain) – View local precipitation maps and reports
Nebraska State Irrigation Association
Nebraska Water Resources Association
Nebraska Water Science Center – View information on Nebraska’s rivers and streams, groundwater, and water quality

Guide to Wildlife Friendly Fencing
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission – Open Fields and Waters Program
Nebraska Natural Resource Districts – Tree-Planting Cost-Share Program

Center for Grassland Studies
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Programs
Nebraska Cattlemen
Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition
Nebraska Society for Range Management

Drought Management
Managing Drought on the Range – Drought Questions Including Inventory, Planning and Drought Resources
Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch – A Planning Guide for Great Plains Ranches
Precipitation – Last 30 Days
U.S. Drought Monitor

Agricultural Land
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Programs (EQIP, CSP, ACEP)
Nebraska Natural Resources Districts – Cost-Share Programs for Irrigation Water Management

Agency and Local
Fontenelle Nature Association
National Park Service
Nebraska Bird Library
Nebraska Brand Committee
Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
Nebraska Environmental Trust
Nebraska Forest Service
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Wildlife Programs and Projects
Nebraska Natural Resources Conservation District
Nebraska State Historical Society
Nebraska United States Department of Agriculture
Nebraska Wildlife Federation
Nebraska’s Endangered and Threatened Species by County
Niobrara Council
Sandhills Cattle Association
Sandhills Task Force
The Nebraska Natural Legacy Project
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
United States Forest Service
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
Wachiska Aubudon Society