The Mission of the Nebraska Land Trust

To foster the protection of agricultural, historical and natural resources on land in Nebraska, through education, partnering, and permanent conservation.

Sowbelly Ranch: A Pine Ridge jewel where beauty is more than skin deep

In 1983, the late Fred Thomas wrote a popular, well-informed column for the Omaha World-Herald titled “Your Environment.”  On one occasion, he “asked a few veteran Nebraska travelers to select the prettiest places in Nebraska.”  According to Fred, “Sowbelly Canyon drew more mention for No. 1 than anyplace else.”
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Marshall family conserves history and native grasslands on the Niobrara River

While in college, Gary and Laura Marshall fell in love with 261 acres on the Niobrara River in Boyd County. So much so that they purchased the land at a time in life when many of their peers hadn’t yet purchased their first car. [Read the full story]