The Mission of the Nebraska Land Trust

To foster the protection of agricultural, historical and natural resources on land in Nebraska, through education, partnering, and permanent conservation.

2016 Appeal

A few weeks ago on election night, I was nowhere near a newscast or voting booth (I voted early). Instead, I was in the Pine Ridge on a 2,400-acre ranch east of Chadron. At the family’s invitation, I had been there to view elk on three previous occasions, but not one had indulged my desire to see them. This time, I had reason for high hopes. An hour before sunset I had climbed into a new viewing blind with the ranching couple who love these elk and are hoping to permanently preserve their habitat through a conservation easement with the Nebraska Land Trust (NLT).

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Forest stand improvement gives oak trees a fighting chance

After the Nebraska Land Trust (NLT) completed the Kennedy conservation easement in 2013, a conversation began around the management of their woodland.  The protected property lies along the lower Platte Valley, an area known for its oak-hickory woodland bluffs.  However, the “oak” in “oak-hickory” is under considerable pressure to keep its name in the title. [Read the full story]