Community Conservation: Lower Platte River Valley

In eastern Nebraska, there are few areas that match the beauty, history, recreational opportunities and natural resources of the Lower Platte Valley. The Valley is a braided ribbon of river, wetlands, woodlands, bluffs, prairie and prime farmland draped across Nebraska’s most populous region. It sustains wildlife in a Biologically Unique Landscape and families in agriculture. It also sustains 1,000,000 people with drinking water and opportunities to enjoy nature near the state’s two largest cities. The Lower Platte Valley below Fremont is also a region projected to have 2,000,000 people by the year 2050.

Walz Prairie – Sarpy County

Despite several state parks, its future is largely in private hands creating a challenge for conservation. NLT has been addressing this challenge since 2002 through voluntary agreements known as conservation easements and to date, 3,384 acres have been permanently conserved in this region. By working with landowners who care about the future of their land, NLT can protect agricultural, historical, and natural resources in one of Nebraska’s most scenic, historic, valued and populous regions.

Walz Prairie – Overlooking the Platte River

Fedde Farm – Sarpy County

Patterson Farm – Sarpy County